Functions & types

The high quality family of bollards is designed to deliver functional pathway lighting that projects a sense of security away from buildings and walls. Bollards are available in variety of shapes and colors. Bollard can be modified with different lamp type such as LED, Fluorescent or MH with emergency battery back up. eight inch diameter format, and with clean look or straight fixture design to give engineers and designers a choice to match the architectural style of the surrounding areas.

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what is bollard light? 

A bollard light is a type of outdoor lighting encased in a vertical post at ground level. The term bollard refers to the shape of the vertical post in which the light is enclosed. It comes from the nautical term, bollard, which is the name of the post to which ships tie up to on a dock or wharf. In keeping with its sailing origins, bollards are traditionally cylindrical and rounded at the top. However, today's bollard lighting can be cylindrical, square or any other basically vertical shape that is used to house outdoor lights. 

As Landscaping requirements for bollard lighting have evolved to provide lighting for varied outdoor settings, bollard lights have become more intricate and varied in shape and design. They can now be purchased with filigree, molding and other common decorative architectural elements. They have also been adopted by the marketing world, and can routinely be seen displaying advertising and trademark decals.