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Semi flush

is light fixture which attaches to the ceiling with a stem or part that creates a gap between the fixture and ceiling. Semi flush ceiling lights are used in bed rooms, hall ways, kitchen, entry and more. Semi flush is a great source of light to replace chandeliers or flush mounts. They specified for higher ceiling to install instead of flush mounts. Semi flush fixture gives more depth to ceiling. semi flush mounts are available in high efficacy light source to comply with CA TITLE 24. Please consult with any of trained staff in LITEN for the latest CA TITLE 24 code. 

flush mounts

 are excellent as a source of ambient lighting and are especially practical in areas with much activity, such as foyers, closets,  hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, baths, laundry rooms, playrooms and dens. Flush mounts or ceiling mount lights are good source of lighting where any applications requires low profile lighting fixture. Ceiling mounts are available in traditional, contemporary and transitional style. In order to comply with california TITLE 24 Ceiling mounts must have permanent LED or Fluorescent light source. Please confirm with any of our consultants in LITEN for latest code in california Title 24. 


can provide both task and ambient lighting. they are extremely popular and are available in veriety of range, colors, styles and functions. Mini pendant are great for kitchen islands to provide general lighting. Many people refer to these as hanging pendant lights, as well as ceiling lights. Technically speaking,hanging pendants are  ceiling lights  hang down from the ceiling from a cord. A typical modern lighting pendant will be made from glass, ceramic, wood, metal or a linen shade. The light source is either hidden somewhere within, or wrapped with colorful glass or shade.

Pendant Lighting and mini Pendant lighting are available in LED Pendant Lighting, Halogen Pendant lights, Low Voltage pedant lighting from LITEN. 


add style and decorative focal point to any room in the house. Chandeliers have traditionally been used in dining room, they are commonly featured in entry, closets, kitchen and family room.

Chandelier is a branch decorative ceiling mounted light fixture with 2 or more arms being the light source. Some chandeliers are designed with directional down lights to provide task lighting and others with decorative glass to complement the architectural design. We can add appropriate dimer to any chandeliers for desire light mood. In order to comply with TITLE 24 and chandelier must have dimer in dining room. Chandeliers are available with energy saving bulbs such as LED bulbs and Fluorescent bulbs.