pin base compact fluorescent 

Small in size. Big on performance.
Since its introduction in 1978 the SYLVANIA DULUX pin base compact fluorescent product line has grown to over one hundred and twenty-five 2 and 4-pin lamp types, offering designers, specifiers and end users a wide choice of sizes, wattages and configurations for endless application possibilities. 
*  10,000 - 12,000 hour average rated life
* Up to 75% energy savings versus comparable incandescent lamps
* 3000, 3500, 4100 & 5400K color temperatures

t8 fluorescent lamp

An industry first that just keeps getting better
OSRAM SYLVANIA introduced the first high efficiency T8 fluorescent lamp in 1981. Today, the OCTRON T8 product family is still growing and advancing o meet market demands for energy efficiency, longer life, improved color rendition, reduced environmental impact and sustainability. With a wide range of lengths and wattages, color temperatures, pin configurations, 1& 5/8 and 6-inch U-bend types, there’s an OCTRON T8 energy-saving lamp to satisfy just about any commercial application. All OCTRON lamps manufactured in the USA are lead-free.

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  Design & fine lighting  

t5 Fluorescent lamp

Precise light output, low energy consumption
T5 fluorescent lamps are available in two families, normal and high output. They are smaller in diameter and approximately 2 inches shorter in overall length than standard T8 lengths. This allows for greater luminaire design flexibility and improved luminaire efficiency.
* Available in standard 28 watt and high output 54 watt.
​* Nominal lengths: 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches. 
​* 3000k, 3500k, 4000k and 5000k color temperature.