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Mr16 12v Tru*aim ir

TRU-AIM IR lamps are the most technologically advanced MR16 lamps on the market today. Most of the wattage consumed by standard lamps is wasted in generating invisible infrared energy. The specially designed halogen capsule in TRU-AIM IR lamps features a multi-layered, thin fi lm coating that allows visible light to pass through, while refl ecting infrared energy back to the fi lament. The refl ected energy helps keep the fi lament at its optimum operating temperature, which reduces the power consumption required to generate a given amount of visible light. By redirecting the heat, these lamps use signifi cantly less energy to produce their high light output. As an example, replacing a standard 50 watt MR16 lamp with a 37 watt TRU-AIM IR lamp will reduce energy consumption by more than 25%.