Assess the Natural Light
Take a good look at your space and the natural light that’s already provided. Do you have a window that gives plenty of natural light? If the answer is yes, move your desk right now to take advantage of all that beautiful natural light. Natural light is way easier on your eyes. If you’ve got a great view with little distractions, consider putting your desk right under the window.

Contemporary Lighting Design vs. Modern Lighting Design

The terms modern style design and contemporary style design are often used interchangeably – and incorrectly. But a little knowledge can go a long way to set the story straight and ensure you sound as brilliant and cultured as we know you are – whether you’re speaking with the designer putting together your dream space or carrying on a dinner party conversation.


In the simplest terms, modern style is in the past and contemporary design is always in the present . . . maybe that requires further explanation and a little historical context. The word contemporary is nearly 400 years old, but its use as meaning “of the present” dates to 1866. So for the last 150 years, contemporary art, design, literature, and architecture is what’s happening now by artists and designers living and creating today. To confuse things, it’s possible to create a contemporary style that is influenced by modernism. Fortunately, the modern art movement is a little easier to pin down. Modernism has pretty solid parameters. The movement started in the late 19th century. Artists and the movement were influenced by and railed against industrialization. Impressionism in painting and sculpture and symbolism in poetry and writing also found its place in modernism. However, it wasn’t until the lead-up to the First World War and the social unrest that it brought, that Modernism really found its footing. While Manet and Monet are usually acknowledged as part of the Modernist movement, the rise of Picasso and Matisse a few decades after its start, provide the aesthetics much most closely-associated with the style today.

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