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Square LED Flat Panel Fixture provides added function and beauty to any residential or commercial area and can be mounted as a ceiling flush mount or wall sconce. With instant full brightness (including in sub-zero temperatures), they range between 3000K - 5000K day light LEDs are integrated directly into the fixture so there are no bulbs to replace. It’s ultra slim, edge-lit design with frosted plastic lens and nickel tone trim finish will add beauty and modern style to any area. Our ceiling fixtures / wall sconces are energy efficient, produce even light distribution of 2200 lumens and have an average life of 50,000 hours / 45.7 years delivering reliable lighting. Available sizes are 6" x 6", 11" x 11", 2ft x 2ft. 

Round LED Flat Panel

Panels are LED lighting solutions that replace fluorescent lights in drop ceilings. Flat Panels are installed by removing the ceiling panel and wiring into the power source. They can be mounted in multiple ways depending on your needs including suspension-mounted and surface-mounted. Some advantages to having LEDs in drop ceiling lighting fixtures are that LEDs have lower Wattage for the same level of lumens (light) cast, they last longer (up to 50,000 hours of use, equaling several years), and they contain no mercury or other harmful substances. Available sizes are 6 - 19 inches. 

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Rectangular LED Flat Panel Fixture provides 3000K - 5000K temperatures that can be suitable for a specific environment. These units replacement the traditional fluorescent kitchen lights that fade and burn out after a few years. On the contrary the LED Flat panels are built well and provide a sleek and clean look to any room. Many flat panels here are available in more than one color temperature, allowing you to select a light with a warmer hue, a cooler hue, or something in between as it suits your lighting needs. Available sizes are 1ft x 4ft, and 2ft x 4ft.