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The Linear Direct Install LED is a high-performance light bulb ideal for everyday use. With this LED you can get all the LED benefits, plus the familiar look of a standard T8 fluorescent bulb. This 22-watt bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 31 percent compared to a 32 watt standard T8 fluorescent bulb with the same lumen output. With up to 50,000 average rated hours, this durable bulb offers long-term use and dependability and is dimmable when used with applicable ballast.Type your paragraph here.Free of harmful mercury, this LED bulb is an environmentally-friendly choice.


Ideal for display, track and decorative mini pendants for task lighting applications, the G9 Retrofit Lamps are energy-efficient alternatives to halogen T4 G9-based lamps. Both lamps retrofit easily into existing G9 sockets in dry locations. Perfect to light up decorative glass in line voltage pendants, the three-watt model offers powerful 360-degree light distribution similar to halogen lamps. It is constructed with a ceramic base and contains a clear diffuser for maximum light output. Available in 6W up to 500 lumens. 


This High Powered Dimmable Performance LED with a GU24 base. It has an average life of 25,000 Hours. It is also RoHS Compliant and Mercury Free. it's an Ideal bulb for Title24 light fixtures. The GU24 LED A19 bulb is available in warm and cool white with immediate full brightness. 

LED retrofit 4", 5", 6"

Retrofit LED trim modules offer a fast, economical way to upgrade existing 6-inch housings with medium-base sockets to energy-efficient LED illumination. The 600-lumen version consumes less than 11W, while the 900-lumen version consumes less than 16W … that’s 6-times more energy efficient than incandescent, nearly double the efficiency of CFLs. These all-in-one modules are IC-rated, enabling them to be installed in housings covered with insulation. A wide array of baffle and cone trims are available that can be interchanged in the field to customize fixture appearance

led par20-120v

LED technology offers reduced energy and maintenance costs when compared with conventional light sources. LED PAR20 lamps are a high quality replacement for 50W halogen PAR20 lamps. With a good color rendering and a variety of color temperatures available—2500K, 2700K, 3000K and 5000K—these lamps can be used in many applications from home to hospitality to retail and restaurants. All our LED lamps are free of UV and IR radiation, minimizing discoloration and fading of materials. With a life rating at 25,000 hours and a significant reduction in energy use, these lamps are guaranteed to help save money in all lighting applications. 

LED mr16-12v

"Soraa's lamp is a game-changer in the LED MR16 landscape,"
​Soraa said that the LED MR16s deliver the sunlight-like quality without the UV emissions or beam striations commonly found with CMH and halogen lighting. And of course the LED lamps deliver significant energy savings. Now with new 4000K and 5000K products, you can bring the energizing feel of natural light indoors without sacrificing light quality and compatibility." The 4000K and 5000K family still deliver CRI of 95 and an R9 value above 90.


The A-Type Dimmable Title 24 compliant A19 LED with an E26 base is the best solution for all of the non-led fixtures. It has an average life of 25,000 Hours. The JA8 LED A19 bulb is available in warm - 27K and cool white - 30K with immediate full brightness.  Compliant and Mercury Free. 


The MR Dimmable LED is a high-performance light bulb ideal for everyday use. This 10-Watt bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 86 percent compared to a 50 watt standard incandescent bulb with the same brightness. With up to 35,000 average rated hours, this durable bulb offers long-term use, dependability and is suitable for damp locations.
LED technology provides improved performance over popular energy-saving compact fluorescent technology. Substantially bright for everyday tasks, this instant-on bulb can illuminate residential or commercial applications and is compatible with most dimmers. The MR Dimmable LED can be used in track lighting, recessed down lights, and outdoor lighting.