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At Liten, we hold design excellence at the core of our commitment to both our customers and to our belief. We believe that good design is about creating products and solutions that satisfy people’s needs empower them and make them happier. All of this while respecting the environment in which we live. Giving more than just products, at Liten we create experiences that are meaningful and improve people’s lives.

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A successful lighting plan usually uses multiple types of fixtures to achieve your lighting goals. Before choosing the style of fixtures you’ll want, consider what your illumination requirements are:

  • What are the activities that will happen in the room? What type of light will you need for each?
  • Will I need task lighting for specific activities such as reading, cooking, or office work?

  • How much general light is required to fully light my room?

  • Will I want to be able to vary the output from fully lit to lowered lighting for atmosphere?

  • Will I want accent lighting to call attention to particular items in the environment?

When selecting your particular styles, you’ll want to consider how your lighting fixtures will work as part of your decor:

  • Do you want light fixtures to stand out in the room’s decor or simply create a good blend with the other room furnishings?

  • Are your other furnishings heavy, delicate or somewhere in between? Are they Modern, Traditional, or Transitional?

  • Should the light fixtures complement the style of the other elements in the room or introduce a new decorative element?

3. accent lighting

Accent lighting is the use of a concentrated light on an area or subject to create a visual point of interest. Accent lighting is often used to spotlight architectural features, paintings, plants, sculptures or collectables.

Accent lighting adds an extra dimension to a room, and proper use of accent lighting can help make a room look larger.

Creating effective accent lighting typically requires at least three times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting around it. Accent lighting is usually created by using track, recessed or wall-mounted fixtures.

2. Task lighting

Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks and activities such as reading, writing, sewing, cooking, homework, or balancing your checkbook. Task lighting is usually achieved with recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting, portable lamps, or desk lamps.

Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eyestrain. It’s useful to have task lighting on controls that are separate from the general lighting.

1. General lighting

General lighting provides an area with overall illumination. Also known as ambient lighting, general lighting should provide a comfortable level of brightness, enabling you to perform tasks and move about safely.

General lighting for indoors can be accomplished with a chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights, and with floor and table lamps. General lighting fixtures outside your home can include spotlights, hanging fixtures, post lanterns, wall lighting, and recessed fixtures used in overhanging structures.

how to make the most out of your lighting

Lighting has a major influence in creating the atmosphere of any home or public space. Lighting not only helps us to see better and perform tasks more easily, it also provides safety, security and a sense of comfort.

While people often focus on the furniture, artwork and colors they select for their environment, lighting plays an equally important role in creating the personality of the space. Well-designed lighting can create a warm and welcoming environment in which to live, work, dine, and relax.

In our Lighting Tips, we’ll assist you in learning how to “design with light,” to create the functionality and atmosphere you want. We’ll guide you on how to choose the lighting fixtures and styles that best meet your needs and complement your décor.

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