Nova Modular Downlight Suspension

The Nova Suspension LED Modular System combines the Nova Suspension Channel with various modular L, T, X, Y, and Flexible connectors for building geometric configurations, allowing you to be the fixture designer. We provide layout and direction for easy installation. Every fixture includes a 5 year warranty. For quotes and parts list, send drawings to

Features & Benefits

* Personalization: Create your own geometric configurations
* Low Profile: 1.4 x 1.24 inch channel
* Length Options: 12 to 120 inches
* 3 Wattage (Lumen) Options: 5, 7, or 10 watts
* High Lumen Output: Up to 723 lm/ft
* 8 Color Temperature Options: 27K - 57K, 27D, and 30D Warm * Dim
* High CRI: Up to 95+
* 2 Lens Options: Diffused Satin White and Clear Frosted

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Cirrus Channel Suspension

Cirrus Channel Suspension R1 features a rectangular lens with 100 degree beam spread. At 2.5 or 5 watts per feet, the 24VDC suspension contains 85+ or 95+CRI LEDs. Includes a 4 inch square or round  canopy, a 12 feet power cable (for every run) and suspension cables (for support every 5 feet). It feeds power at the end using a standard junction box and must be wired into a Class 2 remote power supply up to 40 feet away. Available from 12 inches to 240 inches (5WDC) or 480 inches (2WDC). May be ordered in 3, 5, 8 or 10 inch increments. Lengths greater than 120 inches will ship as two or more segments that join together. Hardware and supporting cables are Antique Bronze for Antique Bronze and Black fixtures and are Satin Nickel for all other finishes. Power cables are Satin Nickel for all finish options. Fixtures include a 5 year warranty.