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Tape Lighting

LED Tape lights create beautiful light...right where you need it. With Tape lighting, it is easy to create stunning lighting effects throughout your home.

Because of LED tape lighting’s versatile nature, it is ideal in any space that requires task lighting especially kitchens and vanities. It’s also great in low traffic areas for a decorative accent or path lighting. LED tape lights are easy to install and safe for indoor use. You can install it under or above cabinets or stairs for better visibility at night.

Here are some of the benefits to high quality tape lights:

Easy to install and upkeep
Cut to varying lengths
Conforms to surfaces
Ridged design enhances durability
Attaches to connectors
Snaps together
Mounts using adhesive backing
Mounts via angled clips
Easy to clean and durable

Use tape light, like the LED InvisiLED 12V Outdoor Tape Light, to illuminate the undersides of steps or along a garden path to add form and function to your exterior landscape. Ensuring these areas are illuminated can help highlight architectural elements and greenery within your outdoor space.