wall monorail

Wall Monorail combines the elegance of monorail closely mounted to any wall giving a creative way of illuminating any wall surface. .Mount any picture light or EZ Jack compatible element to rail. Arc, Tele and Snap swivels are particularly popular choices for artwork or wall illumination. Wall monorails are hand-bendable, field-cuttable. Wall monorail is rated for 300 watts at 12 volts, 600 watts at 24 volts.

linear indoor sign lighter

DanaLite Linear Sign Lighters combine a modern, minimalist design with advanced illumination technology to create anenergy-efficient fixture offering unsurpassed versatility. With LED or fluorescent light sources, modular construction, andmultiple mounting options, these fixtures can handle virtually any interior sign or display lighting project with grace and style.



Available in Shepherd Hook, Straight Arm, and Short Arm configurations, AccuLite Sign Lighters offer a diverse range of mechanical and aesthetic solutions, whether illuminating exterior signage orinterior displays. Fixtures feature single or dualhead designs with 180° tilt and 360° rotation, and can be fitted with either domed or flat canopies.Each fixture head can accommodate one lensaccessory. High-quality, powder-coated finishesof bronze or black are both beautiful and durable. They are available with Halogen, LED or MH bulbs. 

what is rlm lighting ?

RLM stands for Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer or Reflector and Lamp Manufacturers. They are primarily commercial or industrial lighting fixtures that are designed to reflect light in a downward direction..RLM Lights are designed to project light downward without allowing any light to reflect upward. This shielded style of lighting is often times Dark Sky Compliant. RLM lighting is ideal for store fronts, restaurants, above counter, loft style designs and various other public and industrial style locations. They are Available in a variety of sizes, finishes, mounting options, light sources and with a large selection of accessories.

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