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All luminaires shall either be high efficacy or shall be controlled by a vacancy sensor. Closets that are less than 70 square feet are exempt from this requirement.
According to the Title 24 energy standards a high efficacy luminaire contains only high efficacy lamps or high efficacy LED lighting, and must not contain a socket which allows any low efficacy lighting system to be used. For example, any luminaire containing a medium screw base socket is classified as low efficacy, regardless of the type of lamp installed into that socket. Typically, high efficacy luminaires contain pin-based sockets, like compact fluorescent or linear fluorescent lamp sockets, though other socket types such as screw sockets specifically rated only for high intensity discharge lamps (like metal halide lamps) light emitting diode (LED) luminaires (dedicated LED lighting fixtures that cannot use incandescent or any other type of lighting technology) may also qualify as high efficacy.


This applies only to rooms that are not kitchens, bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, closets, or utility rooms. All installed luminaires shall either be high efficacy or shall be controlled by a vacancy sensor or dimmer.
All luminaires mounted to the building or to other buildings on the same lot shall be high efficacy luminaires or shall be controlled by a motion sensor in combination with either a photocontrol, astronomical time clock, or energy management control system.