Track lighting

Track lighting is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors. This is as opposed to the routing of electrical wiring to individual light positions. Tracks can be mounted to ceilings or walls, lengthwise down beams, or crosswise across rafters or joists. They can also be hung with rods from especially high places like vaulted ceilings. Track Heads are available in Low Voltage, Line Voltage and for maximum efficiency are offered with LED source of lighting. Please consult with any representative in LITEN for more information.

Monorail lighting

Is suitable for Indoor use only. Low voltage track lighting is fast becoming a popular option for accent lighting in homes across the country. By installing low voltage track lighting you create a warm, cozy atmosphere in any room. And because track lighting is perfect for highlighting interesting architectural spaces and pieces of art, low voltage TRACK lighting or MONORAIL lighting are the perfect answer for bringing out these decorative aspects of your home without over doing it. Other popular uses of low voltage lighting include installing it as supplemental trim lighting around kitchen and bathroom cabinets to create a nice, quiet glow in those areas as well. We have variety of options for track heads and accessories. The are available in Bronze, Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel.Bulbs for Monorail lighting are offered in 2700K ( warm white) and up to 5000K ( cool white) for commercial application.

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  Design & fine lighting  

cable lighting

Cable lighting is a variation where the fixtures are hung from uninsulated cables which carry low voltage. These fixtures range from the very simple, such as two hinged rods from which a halogen lamp or LED lamps hangs, to the very artful element, such as a human silhouette ,pendant lighting, directional lighting or just a mood light fixture. Two sets of cables (such as in the corner of a room where two walls meet) can be connected together with short wires that have clips (such as alligator clips or screw.

Cable lights require transformers which could be installed in remote location or surface mount.