led recessed down lights

Powered with seven high output LED chips, these high performance under cabinet lights are great in application where high level of lights are desired. These LED recessed light provide 450 lumens, and are a great fit for many low profile applications, with virtually no heat or ultra violet radiation. They are available in many finishes. Life expectancy is over 40.000 Hrs.  

LIne voltage LED under cabinet lighting

Line voltAGE LED undercabinet lighting with integrated driver is innovative, long lasting and energy efficient . Allows for creative cabinet and task lighting with compact, low maintenance design. Provides warm white light in a thin 1/2"profile. 

led under cabinet link bar

The ARRAY 24V Linkable Light Bar features a modular design that allows you to create seamless LED light installations. With the use of the included  Bar-to-Bar Connector , any two Bars of any length can directly join end-to-end, leaving no gaps in light output. The ARRAY Light Bar has many indoor uses: shelving, under or over cabinets, inside cabinets and drawers, or as accent and cove lighting. The Link bar is low-profile enough to be tucked away out of sight, but its sturdy and modern aluminum housing makes it a sleek designer light fixture. It requires remote transformer. 

LED PUCK under cabinet lighting

Puck light is a slim, modern and earth-friendly indoor light fixture.  Puck lights can be installed recessed or surface mounted for under cabinet lighting , as well as furniture, shelf, display-case, and accent lighting. Producing 300 lumens of light output while consuming a mere 3.6 Watts of electricity, the LED Puck Light is your brightest option available. That’s only 10% of the power used by a halogen or other incandescent fixture of equal brightness. They are available in Black and Silver or Round and Square. They require remote transformers. 

what is under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting is typically added, under a cabinet, inside a cabinet shelf or even sometimes above cabinets. Under cabinet lighting will quickly and easily will illuminate your counter top. Its available in variety of choices including slim, round puck light, tape, mini track and low profile recessed light. Also consider putting your under cabinet lighting on a separate dimmer switch or on a lighting control. The different levels of light can add a dramatic impact to your surrounding, and dimming is a simple way to save energy. 

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