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  Design & fine lighting  


For a large mirror,  a strip of horizontal vanity lights will ensure that each person has sufficient light. Mount the strip 78" off the floor. The best lighting solution is achieved with fixtures that include a shade for each bulb.( by ALA) Vanity light fixtures are available in Traditional, Contemporary and transitional. Vanity light fixtures with frosted glass can reduce glare for ultimate comfort and lumination in bathroom. High efficacy vanity lights are available through LITEN to comply with CA TITLE 24. 

sconces in bathroom 

For small mirrors,  decorative wall fixtures placed on each side of the mirror will provide the even, shadow-free facial illumination necessary for daily grooming tasks. For best results, mount fixtures at least 28" apart and 60" off the floor. (by ALA) Sconces in bathroom can match with faucet finish or with frames. Having a pendant by each side of a sink could be an alternative lighting source instead of bathroom. sconces are available with high efficacy bulbs to comply with CA Title 24. Please consult with any of our staff at LITEN for latest code related to CA Title 24. .

where a wall sconce is useful

In a corridor, wall sconces can add both light and interest without interfering with movement. They can make any room appear larger. The can add more light over a breakfast nook or in a reading corner. They can be the bedside lights in a bedroon, freeing up the nightstand or working where there isn't room for a table beside the bed. They can accent, and provide light for the table in the entry of the house. They are great to illuminate bathrooms when they installed vertically by sinks.
A wall sconce usually looks and works best in bathroom if it's just installs on eye level. We recommend between 5-6 foot above ground.

multiple wall sconces

Wall sconces will enhance any room in your home. Multiple wall sconces are not only for illumination. In fact, they are installed in certain way to make a statement. They are highly recommended by sides of the Elevator or Entry of a building. When arranging a group of wall sconces, cut a piece of paper the size of wall sconce then lay them on the ground and arrange them as you desire. .